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Thomas Murphy Fishing Guide Service

Thomas Murphy Fishing Guide Service

Fishing is one of the greatest experiences a child can have in its life. If you are a mom with a young son or daughter you will consider me a class act and very responsible. I would love to share a fishing trip with you. That is how I was raised, both my parents where teachers and I like to impart knowledge to others.

And don’t think I can’t outfish the rest for Musky either.

Guide Rates:1 Adult All Day / up to six hours $350.00, 1 person/ one child All Day/ up to six hours $350.00

Includes all tackle, poles, baits and boat, life vests

Things that you will need to bring with you:

Wisconsin Fishing License

Lunch/Snacks/Drinks (NO ALCOHOL OR TOBACCO)



Rain Gear

Sun Glasses

Bring a light hat if you have one to help prevent heat stroke

Appropriate clothes for temperature

My Fishing Guide Policies:

1. No alcohol permitted on trip or boat and may not be under the influence of Alcholol.

2. All clients must sign a liability release form before the fishing day begins.

3. All clients must show me their valid fishing license before trip begins.

4. I assume no responsibility for any physical injury, loss of personal items or tackle while you are in my boat.

5. Payment is in cash only with all new clients and full payment due at or before time of departure.

6. Clients must pre register by making a minimum $100 deposit toward that day’s trip. Balance is due the morning of trip. Payment cancellations or no shows forfeit the deposit. Deposit must be received ten days prior to fishing trip.

7. If we are to meet at location, full amount will be due ten days prior. Payment cancellations and no shows forfeit the deposit.

8. Late arrival to the trip will be deducted from your fishing time.

9. Clients responsible for their lunch, snacks and soft drinks.

10. If severe weather occurs during the day fishing on the water that makes the day no longer fishable, there will be no refunds.

11. I fish in rain but not severe weather. Scattered showers are a great time to fish.

12. Additional hours can be purchased beyond a days fishing of eight hours, for a rate of $75.00 an hour. Payable before we resume and continue fishing.

13. Musky fishing is not for those un-experienced in the outdoors or on the water. Musky fish are big game with large teeth, and therefore can present a danger.

14. I make no guarantees that you will catch any fish. Muskies are considered to be a fish that takes 10,000 casts over years of fishing to catch, and other fish are just as finicky.

15. You may charter a fishing trip with me for other types of fish too, Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Pan Fish etc. The Rate is the same. The flat rate of $350 applies for up to 6 hours. Beyond eight hours there is a $75 per hour charge. Type of fishing must be specified beforehand, because different gear is required.

16. You may also charter my services for a pleasure boat ride or scenic tour. The flat rate of $350 applies for up to 6 hours. Beyond eight “8” hours there is a $75 per hour charge

17. I am a licensed guide.

18. You bear personal responsibility as to your personal condition on the water, in the heat or cold, or at any time during the trip. Long hours on the water can be grueling for those unexpereinced. You say go and we go home. A famous Televised Musky Guide got heat stroke and can no longer fish, I might say go and we go, at my discretion with no refunds due, as there can be many extraneous factors that can contribute to heat stroke. Heat stroke often leads to disability. I expect my clients to be respectful.

Lakes we can go fishing at? Any lake that has public boat launch access in Southern Wisconsin. Some Lakes make for hotter fishing days than others. My boat has a v-hull and has handled rough weather.

I have fished the following lakes and may take you there for certain if there is a boat launch parking spot available. Ochauchee Lake, Peewaukee Lake, Oconomowoc Lake, Lac Labelle, Lake Fowler have Musky. Nebabim, Nagawicki, Pine, Lake Ellen,

Extended travel distance Musky lakes include, Elkhart Lake, Random Lake, Rock Lake, Lake Koshkenong, Fox Lake.

I currently will not fish Tichigan Lake because access is realistically limited to flat bottom boats with unconventional drives.

If you do not see a lake listed that is within driving distance for a days trip from Milwaukee let me know, and we can go there if it has a boat ramp.

If you are a child try and learn the double clinch knot before we go. This is the strongest all around knot that there is.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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